Art@ThomasMore - the Ketteler collection in the Benedictine Library

Art@ThomasMore – the Ketteler collection in the Benedictine Library

Harrison Walz: Hello, my name is Harrison Walz and I am a member of the Art at Thomas More initiative. This initiative sheds light on the permanent collection of artwork and artifacts at Thomas More University. Today we are looking at a collection of multi-media paintings donated by Tom Ketteler, class of 1964, and his wife Janet. These paintings are located in the Benedictine Library and were originally part of the Ketteler’s private collection. The 11 pieces were curated from artwork by Kirk Hughey, Ruth Bercaw, Mitzi Prince, Stefan George, and Brad Campbell. We spoke to Mr. and Mrs. Ketteler about the collection:

Tom Ketteler: We bought these pieces because we liked them.

Janet Ketteler: We didn’t buy these pieces necessarily for investment, we met all the artists that did all these.

Tom Ketteler: We had a house in Columbus (Ohio) and it was very contemporary, it had a lot of high walls. We were moving to Florida and we really didn’t have anyplace to put this art in our house here, the college was the beneficiary of us downsizing our house.

Pieces on display in the Benedictine library include: Kirk Hughey – “Advent,” “Epiphany,” “In Shall Ah,” “Kensai,” “Nike,” “Prologue to Archangel”; Ruth Bercaw – “Foxfire,” “Winner’s Game II”; Mitzi Prince – “Wings of Desire”; Stefan Georg – “Strange Planet”; Brad Campbell – “White Sky”