Giving Honor Roll 2015-2016

Giving Honor Roll 2015-2016

Tony Roderick

Tony Roderick

“The generosity of our donors allowed the 2015-2016 fiscal year (gifts received June 1, 2015 through May 31, 2016) to be a successful one for the Thomas More College Annual Fund. These gifts demonstrate support from alumni, trustees, friends, faculty and staff as well as the business community. Resources generated by our Annual Fund allow us to continue to provide a values-based education as we grow and expand on the traditions that have made us a top-tier regional college.

“On behalf of our Development Team, we thank you for your continued and generous financial support. We are extremely honored and appreciative that you have entrusted us to be stewards of your donations and will continue to maximize their impact on TMC students in support of the mission of the College.”

Thomas More College has made every effort to verify the accuracy of these lists. We apologize for any inadvertent omissions or errors. Please bring them to our attention and help us keep our records up-to-date by contacting Institutional Advancement at 859-344-3344 or

The Gen Ann Harris Society – Throughout the Giving Honor Roll, an asterisk can be seen which denotes inclusion in the Gen Ann Harris Society, a giving society established in spring of 2013 to honor Genevieve Ann Harris ’45, TMC’s longest consecutive giving donor. This annual giving society is dedicated to those loyal supporters of Thomas More College who have given continuously, at any level, for three or more consecutive years. Loyal annual support has a significant impact on Thomas More College students, faculty, and staff; furthering a variety of initiatives that fulfill the mission of the College on an on-going basis. Thank you!

Giving Societies

St. Thomas More Society

(Donors Contributing Gifts of $250,000 or more)

Individual Giving


Organization, Foundation and Corporate Giving

St. Elizabeth Healthcare Sports Medicine*


The Chancellor Society

(Donors Contributing Gifts of $100,000 – $249,999)

Individual Giving

Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III ’67 and Joan M. Robinson ’69* and

John and Thelma Robinson

Dr. Anthony R. ’65 and Geraldine ’66 Zembrodt*

Organization, Foundation and Corporate Giving

The Duke Energy Foundation*


The Trustee Society

(Donors Contributing Gifts of $50,000 – $99,999)

Individual Giving

Ralph and Irmaleen Drees*

Dr. Judith A. Marlowe ’69 *

Organization, Foundation and Corporate Giving


Diocese of Covington*

The R.C. Durr Foundation, Inc.*

Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation*


The Chapel Society

(Donors Contributing Gifts of $10,000 – $49,999)

Individual Giving

Jerome ’63 and Rita Hurm ’63 Bahlmann*

Mary H. Brown*

William P. and Sue Butler

Dr. Joseph A. and Judy Caruso

Bruce S. ’67 and Elizabeth Ferguson

Dr. Daniel J. ’71 and Chris Hiltz*

John F. Hodge, III and Pamela M. Hodge*

Gary E. ’93 and Heidi ’94 Holland*

The Estate of Margo Ann Huesing ’65 *

H. Spencer and Barbara Liles*

Richard R. Lindhorst ’75 *

Melissa A. Lueke and P. Scott Linstruth*

Marc J. ’85 and Susan M. Neltner*

Charles R. ’74 and Julie Geisen ’76 Scheper*

Janet M. Stallmeyer and Donald L. Flora*

George J. ’58 and Judith A. Thelen*

Christopher J. ’88 and Cathy Wilson*

Wilbert L. and M. Ellen Ziegler ’53*

Organization, Foundation and Corporate Giving

The Butler Foundation

Leadership Squared LLC

Castellini Foundation*

Century Construction, Inc.*

Corporex Companies*

DBL Law*

Hueneke Foundation Trust*

Dr. George A. (M.D.) & Dolores E. Renaker Foundation, Inc. *

Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts


St. Elizabeth Healthcare*

US Bank*


The Renaissance Society

(Donors Contributing Gifts of $5,000 – $9,999)

Individual Giving

Roberta J. Dreyer ’64

The Estate of Carol Walsh Jansen ’51*

Thomas R. ’64 and Janet Ketteler*

Patrick J. ’64 and Clara A. Klocke*

George S. Lyon, Jr. ’51 and Bonny Lyon*

William R. Remke*

William B. Rice*

Edwin T. ’63 and Marlene ’65 Robinson*

Richard G. Schack ’67 *

Joseph B. and Virginia Schmidt*

R. Kenney and Marie E. ’65 Shields*

James A. and Martha J. ’62 Suetholz*

Organization, Foundation and Corporate Giving


Chemed Corporation Foundation

Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers

Jenzabar, Inc.*


Procter & Gamble Fund*

Remke Markets/Biggs, Inc.*

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing*

US Bank Foundation*

The Yearlings, Inc.*


The Villa Madonna Society

(Donors Contributing Gifts of $2,500 – $4,999)

Individual Giving

David A. and Leslie Armstrong*

Robert A. Bitter ’84

Thomas ’78 and Martha ’79 Depenbrock*

Thomas R. ’69 and Patti Dietz*

James A. Dressman, III ’74 and Barbara J. Dressman*

Louis B. ’81 and Marilyn A. Esselman*

Oakley B. and Eva Farris*

Margaret M. Fessler ’48 *

M. Gabrielle Hils ’81 and James D. Thesing ’71*

Dr. Kathleen S. Jagger

Bukang Y. Kim

David A. ’67 and Nancy Meyer*

Robert B. and Dell Ann Sathe*

Alice Sparks*

Thomas J. ’65 and Judith M. ’66 Stiens*

James D. Thesing ’71 and M. Gabrielle Hils ’81*

Matt Walden

The Honorable Anthony ’55 and Betty J. Wilhoit*

Dr. Thomas Woodruff ’66 *

Dr. James ’60 and Marna Meier Zalla*

William J. and Jean A. Zeck*

Organization, Foundation and Corporate Giving

ADG Alumni*

Central Bank*

Cincinnati Bell

Deaconess Associations, Inc.

Deloitte Foundation

Fifth Third Bank*

Arthur J. Gallagher & Company*

Hillenmeyer Lectures*

Risk Management Services*

Rosie Reds, Inc.*

Rudler & Associates

St. Barbara Church 

USI Midwest

VonLehman & Company, Inc. *


The President’s Society

(Donors Contributing Gifts of $1,000 – $2,499)

Individual Giving

Robert F. ’60 and Marilyn Kroger ’60 Adick*

Al and Judy Rawe Bautista*

Wayne and Barbara B. ’68 Beimesch*

Dr. David L. Black ’58

Thomas E. ’58 and Shirley Bohmer*

Lawrence Borne

Randall and Kathleen A. ’86 Collins*

Garren ’86 and Susan G. ’89 Colvin*

Dr. James Connor, Jr. ’75

and Judith A. Connor

Thomas E. ’71 and Cathryn Mai Cook*

Charles E. Curran, III and Kim Curran*

Louis and Anne F. ’65 Cutler

Norbert F. ’61 and Sally A. ’64 DeJaco

Anthony G. ’73 and Alga L. Depenbrock*

Joseph A. ’63 and Suzanne M. Detzel

Loraine Dooley ’54*

Shane D. ’95 and Candice L. Elkin

Jerome N. ’68 and Joan Epping*

Thomas J. ’71 and Mary Lou Ernst

Michael M. ’91 and Ann M. Esselman*

Susan LaVelle Ficke

Edwin P. ’74 and Mary Jo ’74 Flick*

Dr. R. Steven Flynn*

Donald C. and Peggy A. Fritz*

Thomas Fucito

Henry Gieske

Thomas J. ’75 and Theresa A. Gilday*

Sarah Giolando*

John M. Griffin, Jr. ’66 and Juanita ’83 Griffin

Daniel R. and Elaine W. Groneck*

Mark D. and Catherine T. ’81 Guilfoyle*

Genevieve Ann Harris ’45 *

Dr. Stephen J. ’72 and Juliana ’72 Hellebusch*

Dennis C. ’73 and Gayle Schroth ’74 Helmer*

Patricia A. Hemmer ’89 *

Dr. Robert L. ’56 and Marianne ’58 Hengehold*

Jean Hengelbrok ’56 *

Carol Hodge

Richard G. Hoefinghoff*

Dr. Alfred Jacobs, Jr. ’78 and Dori Jacobs ’77*

Jack D. Johnson ’73*

Michael D. and Lori Johnson*

Dr. James A. ’65 and Shawne K. Kaeser*

C. Dennis ’66 and Margaret C. Kehoe

Jerry and Julie A. Keller

William G. ’61 and Elaine Rabe ’64 Kohlhepp*

Raymond ’62 and Jacquelyn Kopser

Dr. George D. ’54 and Kathryn B. Kramer*

Nancy Sue Kuchle ’56*

Dr. Richard M. ’64 and Kerren Lampe

John E. Lange, III ’65 and Julie C. Lange*

Kenneth W. Lowe*

Thomas J. ’77 and Joan Mattei

Dr. Maria S. McLean*

Jo Ann Meyer ’71*

Peggy A. Meyer ’71

Tom and Carolyn Miller

Dr. Bradley G. ’81 and Laura D. Mullen*

David K. ’87 and Nancy T. Mullen

Thomas J. ’69 and Margaret Munninghoff*

Kenneth A. and Brenda S. Palmer

Katherine L. Papp ’94

Robert J. Paul, Jr. ’65 and M. Helene Paul*

Bruce and Diana Peak

Joseph A. and Susan E. Pichler

Michael D. ’66 and Martha ’65 Queenan

D. Lee Ransdell, Jr. ’84 and Pamela Ransdell*

Patrick J. ’73 and Patricia F. Raverty*

Gerard J. and Margaret M. ’85 Reynolds

Tony and Sheila Roderick

Joseph F. ’65 and Ellen A. ’66 Roesel

The Reverend Alvin R. Rozier

Dr. Stephen J. ’78 and Deborah M. ’78 Ruberg*

Dr. John D. Rudnick, Jr. and Kathleen A. Rudnick*

William L. and Deborah J. Saelinger

Paul A. and M. Beth Sartori

The Reverend Leo C. Schmidt ’51 *

Justin M. Schneider, Jr. ’65 and Judith Schneider

Reggie P. and Cathy L. Silvers*

Frank B. Sommerkamp, Jr. and Dr. Patricia J. ’71 Sommerkamp*

R. Michael and Tracie Stacy*

James E. ’89 and Judith Robben ’89 Stautberg*

Dr. Richard G. and Carol Stevie*

Gregory T. ’94 and Angela C. ’97 Stofko*

Patrick and Dr. Michelle Esselman ’87 Story*

Charles and Jane ’59 Summe*

Nancy J. Tretter and Patrick L. Jones*

The Reverend Gerald E. Twaddell*

Andrew J. and Barbara VonLehman*

Dr. Thomas VonLehman and Margaret Good*

The Honorable Donald C. ’53 and Alice ’56 Wintersheimer*

Dr. John M. Wolper

Mike and Helen Wong*

R. David ’77 and Shauna Zerhusen*

Irvin A. ’65 and Luann Ziegler

Organization, Foundation and Corporate Giving

Agnes Nordloh Charitable Trust


ARAMARK Higher Education*

Bexion Pharmaceuticals LLC

Cassady Schiller & Associates*

Cornerstone Insurance

Duke Energy

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation*

Evolution Creative Solutions, Inc.*

Fidelity Foundation*

First Watch Restaurants

Fourth Street Performance Partners*

Frost Brown Todd

GE Foundation*

InterAct for Change

Ronald B. Jones Funeral Home*

Legacy Financial Advisors

Lexus RiverCenter*

Mouse Memorial Scramble Fund

Northern Kentucky Golfers Association

Ohio Kentucky All Stars*

Oriental Wok Restaurant*

Prosperity Financial Group

Republic Bank*

Roeding Group Companies*

Mark R. Schmeltzer, CPA

Servpro of Boone County

Sisters of Notre Dame

Snappy Tomato Pizza

Tri-County Economic Development Corporation*

Tri-State Gastroenterology Associates, PSC

Wilder Hospitality, LLC*

Wing Eyecare, Inc.


The Patron Society

(Donors Contributing Gifts of $500 – $999)

Individual Giving


Karl Anderson

Edward C. Arkenau, Jr. ’69 and Carole G. Arkenau*

Tammy Attinger*

William F. Biery, Jr. ’68 and Vicki Biery*

Jeffrey C. and Judith J. Briggs

Drs. David R. ’64 and Gail T. Cannon*

Timothy J. Carroll ’78*

Dr. Frederick Chen*

Michele Colangelo

Kevin and Deborah Bolte ’94 Collins*

Kenneth A. Cooper

Robert G. Cooper, Jr. ’68 and Nancy S. Cooper*

Adam M. ’97 Davey*

Dexter and Ann Denney*

Edward B. Dressman, III ’74 and Jane E. Dressman*

Raymond N. Enzweiler ’83*

Terry K. ’83 and Sandy T. ’83 Flanagan*

Dr. Gerald R. ’64 and Tena Franzen*

Todd P. and Janet Frohlich*

Dr. Maria C. Garriga and Todd V. McMurtry*

Dennis L. ’73 and Rita C. ’74 Geiger*

Dr. Patrick J. ’82 and Yong I. Ginney*

Donald A. and Melissa Gorbandt

Marvin F. and Mary L. Grant*

Dr. Ronald J. ’63 and Sharon L. Gripshover*

Dr. Michael P. ’76 and Kay Halpin*

Donald J. Hellmann ’73 *

Elmer H. ’51 and Betty S. Hemmerle*

Dale and Karen Henson*

Bruce A. ’83 and Leslie Hoffmeister*

Douglas A. Homan

Linda Ireland

Paul D. Ising ’65

Cheryl Ann Johnson ’73 and Gerald J. Rapien

Diane P. Johnson*

Ricky A. Jones*

Dr. Thomas J. ’63 and Marie R. Kindt

Thomas E. ’93 and Dr. Tara D. ’94 Knipper*

Carole L. Lonneman ’60 *

Matthew G. ’70 and Jo Ann ’68 Madonna*

Dennis P. ’71 and Myra E. McEvoy*

Brent J. Messmer ’94 *

Mary A. Muething ’69 *

Jack T. ’74 and Kathleen M. ’74 Nenni

Dr. James H. ’65 and M. Linda Niewahner

Peter D. and Angela M.F. Orphanos*

Lorraine C. Panagopoulos*

Mark J. ’83 and Pamela Powell*

Pamela Reinke-Walter ’72

Gregory T. and Peggy A. Robinson*

J. Bernard Robinson ’70

Dr. James J. ’83 and Susan Lubbe ’85 Roebker*

Robert E. ’66 and Mary A. ’67 Ryan*

Dr. Daniel L. Schadler ’70*

Anthony J. and Mary Jo Schmidt

Thomas L. and Patty Schmidt*

David A. ’60 and Janet ’61 Schneider*

Steven and Ellen L. ’81 Shoemaker*

Markel S. Snyder ’97

Dr. Sherry C. Stanforth*

James A. ’65 and Anita ’64 Stautberg*

Susan H. Sturgeon ’68

William E. ’78 and Bonnie S. Sturgeon*

W. Douglas ’76 and Nancy S. Sweeten*

Jay P. Thelen

Paul J. ’55 and Diana Trenkamp*

William Van Lokeren ’65*

Jonathan K. ’91 and Dr. Shelly Finn ’91 Voet*

Sharon Welte ’65*

James D. ’76 and Karen M. Wigger

James Wissman ’57*

Hugh C. Wright, III ’00

and Stephanie Cameron ’03 Wright*

Dr. Mark J. ’83 and Mary A. Zalla*

Organization, Foundation and Corporate Giving

Anderson Athletic Boosters

Armor Home Supplies, LLC

Bottom Line Services

BWR Crestview, LLC

Colgate Palmolive Company Match*

Connor & Associates

Courtyard by Marriott – Cincinnati Airport South

Covington Catholic High School

DBA Direct Inc.

Edgewood Dental Care

Edgewood Tavern*

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Executive Charter

Greater Comfort Heating & Air

Jimmy John’s

Levi Strauss Foundation*

Prestige AV & Creative Services

Sandy’s Auto and Truck Service

Steeplechase Hotel LLC

Super Bowl

Thelen Associates – A Division of Geotechnology, Inc.


The Benefactor Society

(Donors Contributing Gifts of $250 – $499)

Individual Giving


Dr. Karen D. Acuff ’87 and Eric Smith*

Chris Armbrecht

Matthew B. Beamer ’93*

Michael H. Becker ’98 / ’03

Richard and Janet M. ’71 Berger

Dr. Thomas S. and Ramona Berger

Dr. James T. and Rebecca Bilbo*

Dr. Judith A. Bland ’68*

Dr. C. William ’63 and Mary Herold Blewett

Deborah A. Bogenschutz ’73*

Kevin and Julie Bond

Dr. Eric L. ’93 and Shannon M. ’94 Bosley

Dr. Penny A. Braboy*

John H. and Barbara A. Bramhall

Chad and Lisa Brines*

Annette M. Brink ’77*

Urban R. ’67 and Patsy Brinker*

Mark E. ’76 and Jane B. Burke*

Robert R. ’59 and Donna C. Bushman*

Thomas C. ’93 and Tammy L. Butler*

Drs. James and Emilie Miller ’01 Camp

Nicholas P. Carpinello, Jr. ’08 and Victoria J. Carpinello

Michael J. and Lori J. Cartuyvelles*

Steven T. ’97 and Francie Condon

Peggy A. Cooper*

Judy Decker Crist*

David C. Diedrich ’73*

Joseph F. ’71 and Diane M. ’70 Donnermeyer*

Martin ’67 and Mary G. Due*

Jon E. and Amy L. Durham

John H. ’91 and Deborah A. ’92 Eberhart*

Terrance M. ’71 and Marian G. ’73 Egan*

Jerome ’53 and Jeanne Erpenbeck

James W. and Rebecca C. Faulkner*

Gerard J. Feldhake ’77*

Patrick J. Feldman ’69*

Heather Finke

David J. ’65 and Lisa J. FitzGibbon*

Richard J. ’75 and Mary C. ’77 Fox*

The Most Reverend Roger J. Foys*

Barry E. ’69 and Mary A. ’70 Frank*

Kelly M. French ’02

John Gallenstein, Jr. ’72*

Alexander Gaynor

Blanche Gaynor ’04

Jerome F. ’61 and Judy A. Geiman*

Dr. Michael R. ’80 and Cathy Rich Gieske*

Dave and Kimberly Kehoe ’92 Goodwin

Dr. Bruce and Lynne Meyers ’77 Gordon*

Matthew Grannen ’84

and Mary Ann Pietromonaco

James L. Gronefeld

Jill E. Grutza ’01

Patrick D. ’67 and Nancy Hagan

Thomas A. Haggard ’06

Dr. Joyce J. Hamberg*

Kenneth F. and Eileen Harper

Dr. James R. Harris*

Timothy S. Hart ’80*

Nathan J. ’04 and Holly A. Hartman*

Greg C. ’87 and Cara E. Hasselbeck*

David R. ’64 and Linda Hergott*

Leslie M. Hoffman*

Paul L. ’72 and Ruth C. ’72 Inderhees*

Martin A. Kamer, Jr.

The Reverend Ronald M. Ketteler*

Jeffrey ’83 and Hazel M. King

Dr. Ruth S. ’83 and Glen Kleier*

Michael C. ’74 and Debra S. Kneflin*

Robert Kuntz

Stephen C. ’70 and Mary J. Laber*

Paul T. ’81 and Carolyn S. Krug ’82 Landers*

Dr. Jerome J. Langguth*

Helen M. Laux ’43*

Jeffrey S. Lense ’85*

Marshall Liberman ’94*

Eileen O’Donnell Lipps ’69*

Dr. Glenn A. and Nancy B. Loomis

Mary M. Luebbers ’73*

Tom Lyons

Brian Keith ’02 and Beth ’00 / ’02 Maley*

Dr. Michael D. and Theresa Hillenmeyer ’73 Mattei

William R. and Donna S. ’96 McCarty*

Paul and Julie Meier*

Donald E. ’76 and Paula Meihaus*

Thomas E. and Janet ’54 Mentrup*

Ronald J. Meyer ’69*

Charles ’60 and Anna M. Meyers*

Dr. George Miner ’58*

Mary M. Minogue ’65

Edward C. ’73 and Diane Monahan*

Hugh D. and Melissa M. ’90 Moore*

David L. ’70 and Patricia C. Moorman*

Shirley L. Moran

Richard J. Mullaney ’73

Dr. Matthew J. Neltner ’01*

Kevin T. ’99 and Lyndsey Niehus

Monica Northcutt

David and Melanie E. ’07 O’Brien*

Dr. Thomas P. ’78 and Annette M. O’Brien*

Sandra L. ’69 and Tom Patton*

Thomas ’60 and Ann C. ’61 Plunkett*

Joe and De Ann Scherra ’66 Posey*

Charles L. ’68 and Sandy Rabe*

Dr. David A. ’72 and Joan M. Rakel*

Arthur J. Reckman

Clinton M. ’02 and Kelley Rinehart*

Daniel Romes ’97*

Robert E. and Carolyn ’57 Rosing

Albert E. Ruschman*

Carol B. Schaefer ’92*

Robert M. Schaefer, Sr. ’68 and Eileen Schaefer*

Lisa A. Scheper ’01*

Dr. Don J. Schertler ’85*

Ginnell M. Schiller ’77*

Theodore ’80 and Alice A. ’80 Schneider

William L. and Judy ’61 Schummer*

Dr. Paul H. ’65 and Roberta ’66 Smith

John J. Steidle ’70*

Charles J. ’89 and Mary A. Stelzle*

Joseph W. ’02 and Rebecca Z. Stenger

Nathan R. ’98 and Erica Steuber*

Raymond J. ’75 and Lynn Schultz Stewart*

Dr. Joseph P. ’82 and Nancy A. ’76 Stratman

William D. ’66 and Julia M. Tabeling*

Richard H. Tapke, Jr. and Dr. Jeanne-Marie ’91 Tapke*

Donald B. ’71 and Sharon R. Thelen*

Gerald A. ’61 and Bonnie ’63 Thelen*

Andrew J. Thole ’12

Barbara Tinari

Daniel E. and Gwendolyn M. Tobergte

Matth. Toebben*

Dennis and Sue Tomaso*

Richard J. ’70 and Barbara S. Traud*

Randy and Linda M. ’80 Tretter*

Edward J. Vanderbeck*

Richard J. ’50 and Martha A. Velten

Robert M. ’65 and Miriam Venable*

Gregory R. and Melinda B. Vincenti*

Barry C. Vogelpohl*

Genie M. Wambaugh

Tyler R. ’04 and Kaylae Birtcil ’05 Whisman*

Mark J. ’85 and Nancy Witschger*

Anthony Zilliox and Suzanne L. ’00 *

Organization, Foundation and Corporate Giving

Baker Concrete Construction

Chipps Caffrey and Dubilier

Corbitt Graphics

Dan Beard Council-BSA

H.L. Estes Roofing*

Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation

Huntington National Bank

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Noday Restaurants

Notre Dame Academy*

Phi Alpha Theta


Raines, Buechel, Conley, Dusing & Sutton PLLC


Sequoia Construction Company

G.W. Thelen Company

Mt. Carmel Auto Body & Frame Thompson Collision Center

Thomson Reuters*

TMC Women’s Guild

Tri-City Insurance Service Inc

Vision Home Enterprises*


The Saints’ Society

(Donors Contributing Gifts up to $249)

Individual Giving

Anonymous (7)

Max A. Abel ’80 *

Ron and Lori Anne Acuff ’07*

David and Julie Adams

W. Gary ’61 and Shirley Ahlrichs*

Michele A. Albers

Raymond ’60 and Judy Albrinck*

Ronald L. ’61 and Sally Albrinck*

John E. and Donna Alig*

Brandi Allen

Dr. Debra D. Allen

Patrick M. Allen ’11

Shelli Jones Allen ’97

Nadia Almeida-Parks

Todd D. Amann ’02

Philip M. and Barbara L. Amato

Michael L. and Mary E. ’69 Andrews

Thomas J. ’70 and Mary C. Ankenbauer

Samuel E. and Julie M. Appel

Joseph ’65 and June S. Arlinghaus*

Timothy P. Armstrong ’69*

Dr. Robert A. Arnold*

William Arthur, II ’93

Victor S. and Joyce ’60 Asfour

Dr. Ronald J. ’61 and Aleta J. Ash

Michael C. Aull*

Matthew G. ’05 and Kari ’07 Austin

George ’69 and Susan D. Bailey*

Gregory A. and Phyllis ’89 Baker

Timothy E. Baker ’16

Dorothy Bankemper

Donald and Barbara Day Baran

Evelyn A. Bardua ’72*

Charlene Barlow 

Dr. Kathleen Siobhan Barone*

Nancy A. Barone ’99

Angela J. Bartels

Andrew P. and Carla Bartels*

Patrick T. and Carol Riffle ’86 Barth*

Dr. Sue Meabon Bartow

David and Maria Heim ’10 Basile*

Norbert J. and Pauline Banks ’64 Baumann*

Gary ’83 and Margie A. ’87 Beatrice

George and Barbara ’88 Beatrice*

James and Joyce M. Beatrice

Robert A. ’73 and Marilyn J. Beck*

Bernard Becker ’57 *

Clyde and Cynthia G. ’74 Becknell

Susan E. Beiting ’62*

Mary M. Bell ’90*

Julie Roesel Belton ’93

Robert L. ’82 and Elma E Benne*

Judith Ann Bennett ’69*

Gregory ’68 and Suzanne J. ’68 Bennings

Catherine M. Benson ’16

Evette S. ’83 and Steven M. Bentley

Elaine Berberich ’55

Timothy and Christine Berger

Matthew Berkshire

Victoria Culbreth Berling ’99*

Stephen and Gale Bernardon

Jake Berndsen

Ronald M. ’86 and Julie Bertsch*

Clayton B’Hymer ’80*

Gerald ’53 and Lois Biedenbender*

P. David and Lissa Biedenharn ’82 Cash*

William P. and Karen M. ’86 Bieger

Ann Raterman Billing ’62*

William Birkhofer

Donald G. Birkley ’73*

Jill Birri ’16

Suzanne T. Bischoff

Dr. Carl T. ’57 and Mary U. Bishop*

Thomas ’61 and Bernice A. Bishop*

George N. and Rose Marie ’69 Bitsoff*

Cory Blackson*

Robert ’75 and Barbara A. K. ’73 Blackwell*

Dr. Bernadette M. Blais ’61*

Rick C. ’87 and Amy M. Blanchet*

C. William Blewett, Jr. ’88 and Lisa Blewett*

Mike and Dawn L. ’95 Bloemer

John and Gretchen ’80 Bloemer

Matthew S. ’05 and Valerie Conte Bloemer

Dr. William L. ’67 and Carol Bloemer

Dr. Lawrence E. Boehm*

Frederick C. Boerger, Jr. and Mary Jo ’84 Boerger*

Charles ’65 and Mary Ann ’68 Bogart*

John H. Boh ’67*

Joy Bohman

Megan L. Bohman ’15

Dr. Christopher F. Bolling ’83

and Stephen J. Peterson

Dr. James P. ’75 and Elizabeth ’76 Bolling

James ’83 and Jean Motz ’83 Bolte*

Elizabeth A. Bone

Kevin L. ’94 and Amanda R. Bonhaus*

Thomas M. ’77 and Denise M. Borgio*

Kenneth ’63 and Nancy L. Bosch*

Derek C. Bosse ’00 and Kristy M. Fritz-Bosse ’00

Margaret Alyce Bosse

Patsy W. Bowen

Charles and Kathleen Dattilo ’72 Bowie

Lori Ann Bowser ’99

Tina M. Brake ’98

Julie A. Bramel*

James R. and Karen J. Brandt

Thomas and Kathleen Breen

Allen J. and Mary O. Brenzel

Paul J. Brinkman ’73 *

Angela M. Brocato-Skaggs ’99 and Kenneth Skaggs*

Christina L. Brockman ’66

Lawrence J. and Janis R. ’69 Broering*

Tawanna N. Brookins ’16

Samuel and Megan Markgraf ’11 Brooks*

Rebecca Broomall ’15

Margaret Broviac ’64 *

Alan R. and Traci J. Brown

Benjamin C. Brown

James M. ’95 and Mary C. Brown

Kevin J. ’03 and Emily Brown

Rachel K. Brown

Mary W. Bruening ’69 *

Christopher J. Bryson ’93

Susan M. Bucher ’73

Glenn A. ’85 / ’09 and Patricia M. ’85 Bueker

Bernard G. ’69 and Dorothy L. Buerger*

Dr. Paul ’63 and Edith G. Buerger*

Donald and Katherine M. ’87 Bunting*

Robert L. Burkart, III ’06 *

Dr. Timothy N. ’74 and Cynthia Kling ’76 Burke*

Kevin D. and Diane M. Burnett

Martin J. Burnham ’89

Robert and Rosemary Weathers ’74 Burnham*

Conrad and Carol A. ’70 Burns*

Thomas M. and Kimberly R. ’82 Burns*

Julie Burwinkel ’69*

William E. ’06 and Kara Busener*

James Bush ’83 *

Dr. E. Anne Busse*

Steve Butcher ’89*

Margaret A. Butler ’61*

Martin C. ’73 and Sandra S. ’74 Butler

Paul Byrd ’04

Joanne Cady

Steven R. Cady

Bonaventure ’57 and Marilyn Cahill*

James P. ’74 and Mary L. Cahill

James W. and Donna M. ’50 Cahill

John and Katherine M. Caldon

Janet Calme ’69*

Paul Calme, Jr. ’76 and Jean M. Calme*

John C. ’68 and Martha C. Campbell

Jude A. ’89 and Beverly Canchola*

Dennis L. and Gail L. ’03 Carr

George ’53 and Elizabeth A. Carr

Shawn D. ’84 and Liesa Carroll

Danielle Nicole Caudell ’03

Mark and Jean Ann ’76 Caudill*

Tony and Elizabeth A. Champ*

William and Joanne Chang*

Vashti N. Chatman

Jeffrey D. and Lois H. Childers

Dr. Joseph C. Christensen*

Philip G. and Mary C. Ciafardini*

Gregory J. Cielec

Dr. John V. ’71 and Victoria Hucker ’72 Cimprich*

John R. and Joyce ’66 Cissell*

Paul M. Clark ’59

Carole E. Cleves ’60*

Julianne Clinkenbeard

Mary Jo Clore*

Tom Clyde

Terry ’68 and Maureen Cogswell*

Christopher P. ’98 and Angela M. ’98 Collins

Connie L. Collins ’11

Edward R. and Catherine Collins*

Michael P. Collins ’65*

Tia J. Combs ’08

Terry D. ’92 and Michelle Connor*

Michael W. and Karen A. Conrady

William J. ’83 and Patricia M. Cook

Andrew Cooper*

Casey J. Cooper

Alisha M. Copley

Patricia Cottingham*

H. Dewaine and Dionne W. Couch

Grace B. Cowan

Brian A. and Nancy K. ’04 Crabbe

Jill S. Crabtree 

Jeffrey A. Craven and Andrea McBride*

Jo Craven

Charles W. Crawley ’77

Kevin M. and Jennifer R. Creutz*

Mary Anne ’77 and David B. Crowell*

Patrick and Michele R. ’90 Crowley*

Jeffrey T. Cummings ’08*

Bonita W. Cummins ’82

James J. ’69 and Patricia A. Cunningham*

McKinley B. Cunningham ’10*

David A. and Laura A. Custer*

Mary J. Dahlhoff*

Dr. James D. ’73 and Rosemary G. Dahmann*

Guy and Judy Dalton

Dr. Julie Daoud

Dennis M. ’73 and Susan W. ’73 Daugherty*

Doris F. Daugherty ’09

Samantha J. Daugherty ’16

Robert T. and Michele L. ’85 Daunt*

Jerome A. and Beverly J. ’85 Davis*

Rob and Dr. Melissa S. ’86 Davis*

Gregory D. and Susan Kunkel ’84 Davis*

Diane E. Dean ’72

Stacie Dee Dearing ’07

Tyler E. Deaton ’14

James H. ’68 and Mary L. Deavy*

George W. ’64 and Marcelline Deitmaring*

Virginia Delaney

Anne Marie DeMoss ’16

Virginia M. Derrenkamp

Russell and Sally ’71 Desmond*

Lawrence G. Devereaux

Dennis M. Deye ’65 *

Dr. James A. ’65 and Joan E Deye

Rita C. DiBello ’10

Adam R. Dickman

Eric Dickman

Christopher J. Dietz ’89

Margaret Dillon ’68*

Marilyn Dineen

Theresa A. Disney ’74

Michael P. and Mary V. Lorenz ’82 Doherty*

John S. and Jane V. Domaschko*

James S. Dorger, Jr. ’72 and Rosanne M. Dorger*

Michael J. and Mary Ellen ’80 Dorough*

Colleen M. Doud*

Mark E. and Paula J. Drew*

Michael P. ’84 and Marcella Driscoll

Gerald Drohan ’94*

Brittany Dumas ’16

Dorothy F. Duncan ’01

Victoria F. Duncan ’16

Gerald C. ’71 and Jeanne A. ’64 Dunn

L. Leon and Nellie D. Durham

Michael H. ’71 and Deborah A. ’71 Dutle

Daniel G. and Sondra ’64 Dutro

Dr. Florence Dwyer*

Dr. Kathy L. Dye

Patrick M. and Lindsay M. Eagan ’01*

David C. and Barbara L. Ebacher

James ’80 and Susan L. Ebenschweiger

Darryl Echoles

Carolyn S. Eckert

Russell and Rita Hartman ’70 Eckstein*

Florence Edelmann ’62*

Stephen C. ’08 and Christy D. Edmondson*

Cieramae Dominique Edwards

Edward T. and Judith L. ’58 Egan*

Christopher W. ’95 and Bonnie Eilerman*

Diane Eisele ’72

Emily A. Eismann ’08*

Kenneth and Patricia Elder

Ronald and Melissa E. Elliott*

Andrew and DeAnne R.E. ’04 Ellis*

Melodie J. Ellis ’90*

Gary ’65 and Becky Engelhard

Mary E. Enzweiler ’63*

Timothy M. Enzweiler ’16

Richard L. Erb, Jr. ’71

Dr. John M. Ernst*

John C. ’71 and Kathleen M. Erpelding*

William C. and Kathleen ’72 Eshman*

Dr. Daniel Esterline

Scott Estes*

Robert and Carol Etler*

John Eubanks

Maggie M. Eubanks

Rosalie C. Eubanks

Carole Ewald

Stephen J. and Judy J. Fagel

Joseph D. and Susan E. ’70 / ’10 Faigle*

Patrick Fallon ’85*

Adam R. Fangman ’16

Mark J. and Ann E. Farney

Anthony and Mary B. ’86 Farone

Elizabeth Farris

Charles ’69 and Cheryl Faust*

David T. ’82 and Karen Millay Faust

Henry L. Fedders, Jr. ’65 and Barb A. Fedders*

James M. ’80 and Barbara V. ’80 Fedders*

Kathleen M. Fedders ’70*

Mark S. ’72 and Ann M. Federle*

Charles ’68 and Nancy J. Fehr*

Missy Fellinger

Douglas ’84 and Linda D. Ferguson

Dr. John W. and Jodi P. Ferner

David B. and Dr. Linda R. ’71 Finke*

Paul R. ’84 and Deborah A. Finke

Brian and Lynn ’93 Finn

Fred A. and Judy Fischer

Joseph M. ’62 and Catherine Clair Fisher

Clara E. Fister ’65

Robert J. Flaherty, Jr. ’66 and Lois A. Flaherty*

James ’67 and Joyce A. ’68 Flanigan

Amy Flaugher*

Albert J. ’73 and Nancy Fledderman*

Bluford B. ’52 and Barbara Fleek*

Jerome P. and Melinda ’62 Flesch*

Kevin R. Flick ’01*

Robert W. ’70 and Melanie J. ’72 Flick*

Joseph T. and Karen M. ’84 Forand*

John Fortner

Andrew P. ’00 and Virginia France

Thomas and Anita M. ’79 France*

Charles A. and Mary Jo ’60 Fredrick*

Vanessa M. Fritsch

Bradley J. Fritz ’08*

Aaron and Sara ’05 Fromm*

Don and Trudy ’79 Fruechtemeyer

Brian T. ’83 and Amy Fuller*

William J. ’62 and Rita Tewes Funke*

Lawrence M. and Janice Furey*

Andrew R. and Wendy L. Furman

David A. and Patricia A. ’84 Furterer*

Terry D. and Delores A. ’89 Gaffney*

James D. and Glenna F. ’74 Galbraith*

Dr. Shannon L. Galbraith-Kent ’98*

Dr. Nicholas S. ’84 and Julie Burns Gantenberg*

Judith A. Gants ’85

Erin Garnick

Lorraine D. Gawronski ’77 and Edward L. Allen*

Dr. Michele Geiger

Daniel R. ’92 and Stephanie A. ’93 Geigle

Jerry J. and Janice ’63 Geise

Albert G. Geiser ’59*

Thomas P. ’70 and Ella ’70 Gelhausen

John Gerner ’67*

Thomas J. ’66 and Kathleen M. Gerrein*

Anthony ’67 and Mary Jane ’93 Gertz*

Paul A. ’69 and Mary K. ’69 Gibson*

Nicholas Gieske

Daniel J. ’73 and Janet L. Gilday*

James D. ’62 and Carole S. Ginney*

Monica E. Ginney ’93 *

Thomas W. ’52 and M. Joyce ’54 Ginney*

Kathy A. Gish*

Nicole L. Gish ’16

Mary Thompson Givhan*

Dr. Donna J. Goetz ’72*

Mark A. ’86 and Jane Weyer ’83 Goetz*

Stephen C. Goforth

Brian ’91 and Janis Goller

Steven T. Gooderson ’93

and Jacqueline L. Siebler-Gooderson ’93*

Thomas C. and Deborah A. Goodwin

Mark B. ’72 and Celia B. Goodwin*

Jean Gordon ’45*

Dr. Catherine A. Gore ’68*

Lawrence J. Gottlieb ’72

John J. and Tricia Lenzer ’84 Gottschall*

Robert J. ’73 and Mary H. ’71 Gough

Martin L. ’06 and Bridget R. Greene*

William M. ’77 and Marianne Gregory*

Ronald F. and MaryAnn T. ’73 Greife*

William J. and Cynthia A. ’69 Grieme*

Kathryn Griffin

Tim J. Grote ’09*

Christopher G. ’83 and Susan E. Grout*

Timothy A. ’78 and Karen H. Grout

Scott ’99 and Tracie Guise*

Jeff Gulla

Lynnette Guzzino*

Phyllis L. Hafley ’80*

John T. ’67 and Norma J. Hagan*

Jana K. Hagedorn ’85*

Robert J. Hagedorn ’13

Mark L. ’10 and Catherine O’Shea ’10 Hageman

Dr. John R. ’83 and Rose B. Hageman*

Lawrence Halenkamp ’76 and Deborah K. Smalley

H. Dennis ’80 and Joan M. Halfhill*

Kathleen L. Hall

Michael P. ’61 and Elaine G. Hall*

Maurice J. ’60 and Margaret A. ’62 Halpin*

Scott Hamel

Allen D. and Deborah S. ’94 Hamilton

Denis G. Hamilton ’72

William M. ’81 and Karen ’81 Hamilton

Charles ’67 and Diane L. Hammond*

Connie and George Hammond

William L. ’70 and Eileen Hammond*

David J. ’78 and Dorothy E. Hampton*

Jacqueline A. Hampton ’16

Juanita Z. Hanna ’58*

Jeff Hans*

Dr. Margaret M. Hardebeck ’77

Edward L. ’69 and Sarah G. Hare

Debbie Harsin

Dr. Joanna E. Hartig ’05

Gregory S. Hartman ’03

Lori L. Hastings

Sarah N. Hastings

Dr. John J. Hater ’75*

Steven R. ’79 and Bonnie Hausfeld*

Dr. Kimberly A. Haverkos 

Charles E. and Dorothy Funke ’76 Hayes*

Gary and Kathleen Hebbeler

Joan Hegge ’61*

Dr. Kenneth and Mary J. ’66 Hehman*

Christopher W. Heitzman ’10

Robert A. and Theresa Heitzman ’78*

Mary Jane Hellmann ’60*

Robert R. ’74 and Janette M. Helms

William R. and Lynn M. ’83 Hemmer*

Jack W. Henn ’71*

Carl W. ’77 and Norma Hennigen

Rio Rose Henry ’16

Conred and Ruth Ann ’85 Henthorn*

John A. ’58 and Elizabeth Herold*

Richard L. and Carrie E. ’04 Herthel

James J. Herzog ’71

Anthony and Patricia A. Hetzer

Jeff Hetzer*

Doris M. Hicks ’73*

Gerald M. ’66 and Christine Higdon*

Robert A. and Darla K. Higgins

James P. ’77 and Margaret Higgins*

Charles E. Hilgeman*

Jeff M. and R. Renae Hill*

Paul and Pat Hillard

Dawne R. Hilliard

Mark E. Hilliard

James P. ’72 and Kathleen Hils*

Louis ’61 and Kathleen Hodge*

Robert M. and Diane Hoffer

George R. Hoffman ’61*

Jan S. Hoffman ’74*

Mickey Hoffman

Thomas G. and Tracie D. Hoffman*

David L. ’73 and Mary Jo Hogan*

Elizabeth Y. Hoh

John and Martha ’61 Holland*

John L. ’58 and Charlene M. Holtz*

Bradford M. and Cynthia H. Hood*

Kelsey L. Hood ’16

Donald W. Hoppenjans*

Sheila Horn

Gregory P. and Joy M. Huber*

Stephanie R. Huhn ’02*

Dr. Bud and Pat Humpherys

Aleisha R. Humphrey

Dennis and Teresa ’78 Humphreys

Gayle and Travis Hunt

Jennifer L. Jackson ’15

Jeanne E. Jacobs ’51*

Charles and Barbara A. ’71 Jacobson*

Carrie Jaeger

Daniel C. and Mary E. ’80 James*

Robert C. and Mary L. Roll ’75 Jamison*

Paul A. and Anne Jansen Wardinski

Nicole Jansen

Ryan Jansen

Edward J. ’73 and Barbara Jasper*

Karel V. Jelinek

Barbara Jennings ’70*

John H. and Patricia A. Jentz

Carl L. ’74 and Sandra Johnson*

Joseph F. and Patricia A. Johnson*

Lawrence A. Johnson*

L. Paul ’04 and Sandra M. Johnstun

Lauren N. Jones

Nathaniel R. Jones*

Janet A. Josken ’73*

Aaron L. Judd ’09*

Rachel L. Jump ’16

Mark J. and Susan M. ’85 Kahmann

Robert ’87 and Mary P. ’81 Kaiser

Kenneth J. and Shirley A. ’13 Kaiser

Carolyn E. Kallmeyer*

Norman and Donna J. Eckert Kamp ’64*

Robert G. Kamp*

Sean C. Kapsal ’04

Lawrence G. Kautz ’13

Anne M. Kaylor ’04*

Michael W. ’69 and Lynne S. Kehoe*

Randy G. and Sherry L. Keithley

Jane Keller

Michele L. Kelley

Joseph and Patricia ’80 Kelly

Michael and Patricia A. ’81 Kemme*

Steven C. ’73 and Karen Kemme

Paul J. ’53 and Carolyn G. Kemper*

Ralph ’65 and Mary E. Kemphaus

Dorothy Kennedy ’56*

Owen M. ’92 and Mary C. ’99 Kennedy*

Thomas E. ’52 and Kathleen ’58 Kennedy*

Christopher Brian ’97

and Jennifer L. ’98 Kent

Celeste A. Kiefner ’16

Donald J. ’83 and Kathleen R. Kiely*

Deanna L. Kiernan

Jerry F. and Karyn T. ’77 King

Thomas E. ’73 and Judith R. ’74 Kinman

Robert E. and Janet N. ’74 Kinney

Nathan P. Klare ’12*

Michael C. ’71 and Beverly Kleier

Paul J. Kleier ’16

Mathew R. and Mary J. ’84 Klein*

John E. ’55 and Janet S. Kleymeyer*

Mark C. ’80 and Sandra L. Kling

David E. ’96 and Janice E. Klocke*

Charles A. Kloeker ’13

Philip C. ’70 and Donna K. ’70 Kloenne*

Robert C. Kloenne ’62*

James E. ’69 and Sandra S. Klus*

Jessica M. Knaley ’16

Jerome Knochelmann ’87

William ’79 and Heidi Knochelmann*

Charles P. ’65 and Joann L. Koch

James M. ’87 and Deena L. Koch*

Robert F. Koch

Katherine Koehler ’75*

Thomas E. ’75 and Linda C. Kohlhepp

Robert Konerman ’60

Elizabeth A. Kraemer ’14

David ’60 and Barb Kramer

Genevieve M. Kramer ’10

Jerry W. and Joan M. Kramer

Michael E. and Billie J. Kramer

Robert R. ’69 and Linda S. Kramer*

Steven B. and Michelle A. Kramer

Dr. Vincent J. ’88 and Maria Kramer*

Thomas P. and Connie ’79 Krebs*

Anthony ’81 and Jeannine Kreinbrink

Dennis M. and Mary M. Kremer

Lori J. Kremidas ’82*

Andy and Dr. Suzanne Kleier ’02 Kress*

David J. and Mary K. Kriege

Bernard and June ’47 Kroger*

Jeff M. and Barbara L. ’87 Kruetzkamp*

Kenneth R. and Cassandra J. Krumpelman

Timothy P. ’62 and Margie L. Kruse*

Roger A. ’69 and Martha A. Kuchle*

Edward J. and Paula Tretter Kuehne

Dr. G. Edward ’63 and Joanne Y. Kuhl*

Margaret A. Kuhlman ’68

Earl and Sue Stapleton ’62 Kuhnell*

Glenn and Amity Yeager ’01 Kukla*

Dr. Thomas A. ’71 and Shirley Kunkel*

Peter J. ’73 and Margaret A. ’73 Kurz*

Robert J. ’62 and Judy La Eace*

Kathleen D. LaDow ’73

Chris Lainhardt

Frederick C. and Aurora ’77 Lambert*

William R. ’89 and Sherry R. Lambert*

Dianne M. Lameier

John A. and Mary C. Lammers

David and Shelli L. ’97 Lampe*

Jerome ’67 and Karen M. Landwehr*

Mary N. Lang ’65

Dr. Kathie Langen*

Frederick K. and Irene M. ’54 Lankford*

Milissa L. Larkins

Thomas C. ’80 and Theresa A. Lauber

Harold J. ’47 and Margaret Laughlin*

Michael ’65 and Patricia Lawrence*

Michelle L. Lehan ’15

Kyle Leininger*

Jaime Leon ’16

Richard W. and Joanne M. Lesperance

John N. ’50 and Alice M. Lewin*

Antoinette D. Lewis ’16

Michael L. ’74 and Jean M. Listerman

John J. Loechle ’71

Mark S. ’74 and Cathy M. Lohbeck*

Richard B. and Linda L. Long*

Janis Dorgan Longbottom

Andrea L. Lonneman ’68*

Alfonso and Mary J. ’98 Lopez*

Lisa Lorenz

Robert ’59 and Julia Louderback*

Dr. Ronald J. and Alice Lubbe

Bernard L. ’75 and Kathleen A. ’75 Lubbers*

Mary J. Lucas ’58*

Catherine Hope Luck ’15

Evelyn Ludwig ’59*

Dr. Julie Luebbers*

Mary A. Luebcke ’73

Dr. Therese L. Lueck ’83

James J. ’81 and Becky Luersen*

Gregory J. ’75 and Mary O’Brien Lunn*

Gregory A. Macke*

Patrick R. ’73 and Nancy P. Macke

Robert E. ’71 and Eileen Macke

David L. MacMillan*

Dr. Jodie N. Mader ’98*

Rhonda R. Maess

Phillip A. Magliano

Adam D.A. Mahan ’15

Terrence and Susan Lalley ’85 Mairose

Gregory and Cynthia J. ’73 Male*

Peter F. ’82 and Teresa T. ’81 Manczyk*

Terry L. ’68 and Joanna L. Mann*

David ’71 and Kathleen ’80 Manning*

Julie A. Mapes ’16

Thomas R. ’68 and Lois A. Marsh*

James A. Marshall

Jean Marshall

Chase Martin

Jeremy D. Martin ’04*

Nigel Masamvu ’15

Stephen H. and Jennifer B. Mason

Charles G. and Teresa M. Masur

Angela Mateyko ’05*

David M. ’03 and Kari Sanders ’05 Mathews*

Matthew L. ’90 and Amy K. ’92 Mattingly

Gregory P. Matzinger ’16

John and Karen A. ’88 Maurer*

Anne M. Maxfield*

James C. ’72 and Joyce H. May*

James C. ’67 and Natalia E. May

Michael ’01 and Jennifer Dorsey ’99 McAlpin

Ronald W. McBurney ’02*

Tracey McChargue

David and Donna J. ’76 McClure

Gary ’88 and Rachel Willett ’88 McCormick

Harry J. and Marian C. McCoy*

Jennifer McCoy

Carol L. McDaniel ’87*

R. Michael and Katharine S. ’98 McDaniel

Amy L. McDonald ’03

Brittany M. McDonald ’16

Daniel and Donna A. McDonald*

Charles S. and Mary Jo ’74 McFadden

Kathryn N. McFalls ’09*

Timothy P. and Teresa McGill

Monica McGinnis ’84

Lawrence E. McKenney ’69*

Robert V. ’79 and Susan E. ’78 McKenney

Fred L. ’68 and Mary McLane*

Dr. James E. and Angela M. ’08 McNutt*

Donna McPhillips ’93

J. Michael McSorley ’69

James A. and Carol J. Meier

James W. Meier ’67

Richard G. Meier ’55*

Lawrence H. ’57 and Carol Y. Memering*

Dr. Melvin N. ’66 and Judith D. Memering*

Gary J. ’71 and Kathy M. Menne

Bernard J. ’69 and Mary Jo Mersmann*

Alyssa M. Merz ’15

Bruce B. ’75 and Rae Ann Merz*

Joseph Messingschlager ’50*

Mark A. Messingschlager ’11 / ’15*

Deborah ’73 and Gregory R. Meyer*

Ronald P. ’68 and Patricia Michael*

Margaret Middendorf ’52*

Dr. Ronald A. ’57 and Nancy Mielech*

Dr. Stephen F. Mielech ’90*

Susan M. Miles

Deborah Miller ’84*

Gerald A. ’72 and Donna M. ’71 Miller*

Glenn ’66 and Gail Miller*

Linda L. Miller

Richard A. Miller ’82

Tiffany D. Miller

Elyse Millson

Catherine J. Milner*

Maria R. Mitchell*

Dr. Nicole M. Modafari ’06 / ’08*

William H. ’73 and Sonia Pelmoka Mohr

Timothy ’68 and Susanna ’68 Molloy

Jeremy Michael Moore

J. Kenneth ’67 and M. Pamela Moorhead

Robert and Linda Kremer ’79 Morehead*

Jack M. and Phyllis Moreland

Kevin W. Morrison ’14

Steven J. and Ann G. Morrison

Joan G. Moser ’77

Dr. Christopher A. Moyer*

Ronald G. and Barbara A. ’64 Mueller*

Julie A. Mueller*

Dustin Mulberry ’03

Timothy and Jean S. ’78 Muldoon

Jim and Maureen L. Mullen

Dr. Winnifred Murnin ’52*

Dr. John J. ’77 and Deborah S. Murphy*

Michael D. Murray ’11

Dr. Yousif Mustafa

James F. and Margaret J. ’73 Myatt*

Carl and Lori S. ’88 Myers

William L. and Mary K. ’63 Nagel

Gerald G. ’61 and Janet K. Nau

Charles J. and Mary E. ’84 Nau*

Thomas K. Neal

John M. ’70 and Betty M. Nehus*

Dr. Gary L. Neiheisel ’69

Jack and Donna M. ’71 Neiser*

Barry W. ’72 and Martha A. ’73 Neltner*

Paul M. ’88 and Tracy A. Neltner*

Marilyn N. Nesselhuf ’79*

David W. ’90 and Susan Neuhaus*

William B. Neuhaus ’72*

James and Ann E. ’09 Newsom

Dennis A. ’63 and Ruth J. Nie

Dennis and Paula ’71 Niehaus

Joanne Niehaus ’56

Thomas H. Nienaber ’67*

Ronald ’72 and Mary F. Nieporte

Christopher M. Nieto ’15

Mike and Gloria Noday

Edward and Patricia ’67 Noe*

Joy Nolan*

Kevin D. Nolan

Dr. James A. ’60 and Joan O. ’61 Noll*

Kathleen Noonan ’73

Christopher R. Norwell*

Theodore J. and Beverly ’85 Nussman*

William J. ’57 and Lillian A. Oberjohn*

John M. and Susan T. O’Brien

Richard C. and Linda Ochs*

Paul A. O’Daniel ’72*

Dennis and Jeanne E. Odom

Dr. Edward G. Oestreicher ’81*

Philip J. ’81 and Machiko Oldiges

Jay T. ’64 and Carol Oliver*

Charles E. ’68 and Sandra S. Olliges*

Darren M. ’84 and Mary M. ’84 Orloff*

Peter J. and Rose Marie Orzali

Gale I. Ossenbeck ’64

Nadia M. Osterbrock ’04*

Lawrence E. ’74 and Mary A. Osterhage

James D. ’61 and Charlotte Freihoffer Ott*

David M. ’74 and Lindsey Otte

Thomas E. ’75 and Marianne ’75 Otte*

Anthony J. Otten ’15

Dr. Margaret N. Owens*

John G. ’68 and Jan Parker*

Jerry L. Parton ’75*

Kim and Sarah Mortensen ’09 Patton

James A. and Jane Herrmann ’75 Paulin

Walker B. ’64 and Romana Paynter

Mary Allen Peake ’74

Christopher J. ’84 and Gail Perrino*

Daniel M. ’77 and Kathleen Petronio

Peter D. ’10 and Erin Ashley ’10 Petronio

John D. ’61 and Rose Pfaff*

Daniel J. ’99 and Dr. Vickie ’99 Phirman*

Ronald J. ’62 and Mary C. Piccola*

Nicholas J. ’05 and Allison Byars ’05 / ’10 Pieczonka

David Pierce

Daniel J. ’71 and Donna M. Pieschel

Daniel G. and Virginia M. ’74 Platt*

Donald R. and Margie Plummer

Dan Polking

John W. ’89 and Julie A. ’89 Popham*

C. David and Marilyn W. Poppe

David J. ’81 and Lysbeth A. ’81 Portwood

Christopher W. and Julie Laux ’80 Post*

Dr. Michael R. ’82 and Cathleen Poston

Gary J. ’76 and Mary R. ’76 Pranger

Marc D. ’08 and Katherine Crea ’09 Price

Kyle L. Prosser*

Frank J. ’68 and Helen D. Pulsfort*

David A. ’88 and Amy Purcell

William L. ’99 and Jessica Purtell*

James B. ’76 and Teresa D. Quatman

Fert V. and Donna J. ’69 Quatromani

James J. and Rhonda A. Quillen

Lauren E. Race ’12

Tina Ranson ’83*

Thomas R. ’80 and Elaine L. Rasp*

Dr. William H. ’62 and Elaine ’63 Rauckhorst*

Ryan J. Reardon ’06

Carl A. and Rita M. ’81 Rebholz*

Kenneth L. ’69 and Claire M. Recker*

James T. and Beth M. Redwine*

Mary Elise Regan ’66

Andrew J. ’87 and Melanie ’87 Reinersman*

Ernest C. ’68 and Kathleen Reiter*

Bruce and Suzanne M. ’01 Reller

Charles J. ’75 and Peggy A. Remke

John and Maryloretto ’84 Resing*

Dr. Stephen J. ’69 and Colleen K. Rettig

Daniel K. ’76 and Sharon L. Richter

Steve Rickels

Brian and Carol A. ’79 Rieger*

Dr. Robert M. Riehemann*

Dr. Lawrence ’63 and Madelaine Ries*

Rick S. Ries ’76

Kami Riffe

Carrie A. Ritz ’16

Frank J. Ritzmann ’97

Sally A. Rizer ’72 *

Max M. Robbins ’11

Charlotte A. Roberts ’94

Brian S. ’97 and Julie D. Robinson*

Christine D. Robinson ’16

Katherine Renee Robinson

Dr. Malcolm Robinson*

Tammy B. Robinson ’14

Peter M. ’07 and Suzanne M. ’09 Rodish

Nate ’97 and Lisa M. ’97 Roedig

Dr. Kenneth P. ’68 and Janice M. Roenker*

Gene ’88 and Carol Roland*

Thomas R. ’60 and Virginia Rolfes*

Richard Rolfsen

Lynn L. Root

Tammy L. Roseberry ’16

J. David Rosenberg

Dr. Paul G. ’75 and Chiou Chirn C. Roth*

James W. ’68 and Barbara C. Ruh*

Carrie Rupp

Brett E. ’02 and Monica Feinauer ’01 Ruschman*

Dorothy H. Russo*

Dr. Daniel E. ’73 and Elaine M. ’72 Rutterer

Ronald R. and Patricia C. ’68 Ryerson*

Tommy H. and Norma J. ’77 Ryle*

Dr. Wesley T. and Christina L. Ryle*

Thomas E. ’71 and Kathleen S. ’72 Saalfeld*

Catharine B. Saelinger

Robert R. and Tracie L. Saelinger

Jon P. and Carolyn G. Sagers

Karla K. Salzer*

James E. ’71 and Diane Sander*

Joseph L. Margaret B. Sanders

Paul and Mary A. ’65 Sanders

Lawrence J. ’72 and Mary B. Sandfoss*

Michael J. ’73 and Virginia L. ’73 Sandfoss

Eva M. Sandmann ’16

Steven and Debora Sandmann

Natalie K. Santiago ’14

Ronald S. and Amy ’91 Sauer*

Robert F. and Carolyn A. Sauter

Dr. Tracy Sawyer-Nash ’96 and Christopher Nash*

Terry F. ’83 and Cynthia S. Saylor*

Regis Scafe

Dr. Thomas J. ’70 and Kathleen Schaeper*

Tammy Schatzman*

John A. ’51 and Edwina Scheben*

Stephanie Schenk ’72

Paul and Mary L. ’75 Scheper*

John B. ’62 and Margaret Schepman*

Dr. Charles Schewene ’61*

Samuel Wood Schmeltzer ’11

Ben L. ’70 and Margaret Schmidt*

Dawn Schmidt

James G. ’80 and Ann ’78 Schmidt*

Kenneth ’68 and Janice ’69 Schmidt*

Michael J. ’87 and Marypat ’88 Schmidt

Donald W. and Anita ’57 Schneider*

Jeffrey T. ’82 and Autumn L. Schneider*

Paul L. ’71 and Linda Schneider*

Robert J. ’59 and Nancy ’59 Schneider*

Robert T. ’69 and Jody Schneider*

John C. ’73 and Patricia R. ’75 Schoborg

Andrew ’81 and Cindy Schoettker

Walter F. Schroder*

David E. Schroeder ’90*

David R. and Diane M. ’70 Schroeder

Greg R. ’97 and Meredith Schroeder*

Dr. Kevin M. ’01 and Christy Schuler

C. Luke Schulte ’76 *

Judith A. Schulte ’70

Robert L. ’56 and Carolyn Schultz*

Anthony C. and Melissa A. ’06 Schumacher*

James A. Schuttemeyer ’76*

Thomas M. Schwarber ’65*

Mary F. Schwartz ’61

Roger R. Schwartz ’73*

Dr. Robert A. ’69 and Marianne Scott

Kenneth and Joan C. ’07 / ’12 Sears

James D. ’70 and Beverly Jo Seibert*

Stephen J. ’76 and Linda Seibert*

Albert and Paula M. ’77 and Seiter*

William J. ’55 and Mary E. Seiter*

Lori L. Seta

Robert M. and Doris A. Shearn*

Kevin and Constance ’70 Shepard

Dr. Catherine E. Sherron*

Richard L. ’96 and Mary A. Shuey*

Jessica Danielle Shumate

Richard O. ’72 and Regina M. ’72 Siegrist*

Ronald S. ’72 and Carolyn Siemer

Christopher R. Simon ’11

Louis W. ’57 and Carole A. ’72 Simon*

Dr. Paul L. ’58 and Jean Simon*

Bradbury A. Skidmore

Rhonda Skipton

David and Jacqueline M. ’88 Slusher

Gary L. and Glenna Smart

Benjamin Lee Smith

Charles and Lesa A. Smith

Harrison E. Smith ’16

James F. ’60 and Marcia A. Smith*

John T. ’69 and Marcia Smith*

Marsha Smith ’87

Summer A. Smith ’16

Bill E. Snyder

John Somerfield

John K. and Mollie R. Sorrell

Richard P. Spare ’74*

Edward D. ’69 and Arlene E. Sparks*

Donald C. ’67 and Josephine Speakes*

John A. Spinney ’03 / ’10*

Iris P. Spoor ’07

Sallie M. Springfield

David J. ’04 and Terri J. Stahl*

Angela M. Stapleton ’16

John F. Stapleton ’74*

Thomas C. ’63 and Joan Stapleton*

Emily E. Stautberg ’16

William F. ’72 and Paula J. Stautberg*

Joyce Staverman*

Kris A. Staverman*

Dr. James M. ’63 and Carla L. Stearns

Sharon M. Steinmetz

Trevor J. Stellman ’09*

David ’72 and Mary E. Stenger

Cody B. Stephens ’16

Douglas M. ’64 and Barbara Stephens*

Robert G. ’78 and Cathy J. Stevens*

Robert W. ’68 and Kathy W. Stevie*

Francis H. ’50 and Joan M. ’52 Stewart

William S. and Suzanne M. Stewart

Donald D. ’60 and Sheila M Stieritz

Stephen and Denise O. ’68 Stieritz

Theresa B. Stoll*

Dr. Susan A. Stowe ’85*

Cheryl Summe

Mark and Diane C. ’78 Sundrup*

Dr. Dustin A Swanson

Lester and Dr. Rebeca Monroy ’85 Tacy*

Lawrence L. ’73 and Gloria J. Taylor

Margaret L. Taylor

Dr. Zachary S. Taylor*

Michael L. and M. Marlene Tebbe

Nancy J. Tepe ’91*

Gregory R. Terhune ’84

Amy L. Thalls ’16*

Joseph G. ’85 and Carolyn Flach Theis*

William R. ’72 and Jean F. Theis

Mark A. Theissen ’75

Stephen J. ’72 and Deborah Theissen*

Michael D. ’87 and Theresa J. ’88 Thelen*

Paul J. Thiel ’73*

William and Marilyn R. ’86 Thiemann*

Dr. Amy B. Thistlethwaite

Lawrence ’72 and Mary A. ’73 Tiemeier*

Thomas F. and Diana ’67 Timmerding

Phyllis H. Timperman ’88*

William and Margaret A. Topmiller

Dr. Lisa Torok*

Brant A. Trabel ’99

Sr. M. Fidelis Tracy, C.D.P. ’68*

Daniel A. and Gayle ’84 Trame

Robert T. ’76 and Becky Tranter*

Steffany D. Treadwell ’16

George G. and Linda J. Trebbi

Betty J. Tucker ’16

Barry J. ’80 and Diane Tuemler*

Gary P. ’76 and Mary Tuemler

Thomas M. Upton

Gerald S. and Barbara E. ’62 Urlage*

Thomas X. and Sally T. ’78 Vater

Michael R. and Teresa A. Venatta

Dan J. Venuto*

Dr. Gary L. ’80 and Clara D. ’80 Verst*

Michelle Vezina

Zina M. Vinanzaca ’16

Douglas J. ’78 and Barbara Loschiavo ’79 Voet*

Justin Vogel*

Robert J. Vogelpohl ’48

Theodore ’78 and Janis Vogelpohl

Charlotte Volpenhein

Joseph W. ’73 and Debbie Von Bokern

Mary P. Von Lehman-Dressman ’91 and Gerald B. Dressman*

G. Joyce Vorderbrueggen*

Chad A. Wachs ’10

John M. ’67 and Miriam S. Wadsworth*

Chris Wagel

Amy S. Wagner

John R. Wagner ’83*

George F. ’79 and Mary A. Wainscott*

Anastasia M. Walter ’16

Louis B. ’51 and Marianne ’51 Walther*

Kitrina Wangsvick

Thomas S. Ward*

Kris Weber ’06

David A. Wegert ’71

Mary G. Wehrman*

Mark J. ’86 and Teresa M. ’85 Wehry*

Devon and Rebecca S. ’83 Wells*

Jack Wells*

Noah M. Welte ’05*

John N. ’71 and Sharon A. ’71 Wenderfer*

Amy S. Wendt

Ryan Wermeling

James G. ’58 and Jo Ann Weyer*

Robert M. and Angela M. Weyer

Kenneth Whalen

Robert and Mary E. ’74 Whelan*

Bobby D. ’78 and Joyce A. White

William H. ’64 and Lucille D. ’64*

Michael Whitley ’75*

Michael Widdis ’73*

Laura A. Wiegele ’06

Charles and Rosemary ’61 Wietholter*

Marvin J. and Mary E. ’47 Wigger*

Dr. Thomas ’73 and Carol Robinson Wigger

Paul Wilbers ’55*

Todd F. and Leslie R. Wilking*

Donald and Carole J. ’71 Willen*

Marilyn J. Willenbrink ’74

Kenneth and Kathleen G. Williams*

William E. and Mary E. ’59 Williams*

James E. and Joyce S. Williamson

Stephen R. and Alice D. Wilson

Amy Lindeman Wimberg ’88*

Barbara Wimmer

David J. ’62 and Judith Winters*

Gerald S. ’65 and Catherine Wischer*

Mary A. Witschger ’84*

Michael W. ’79 and Mary S. Wolf

Jason M. and Julie A. ’99 Wolking*

Dr. H. Anthony Woltermann ’63*

James G. ’69 and Phyllis R. Woltermann

Edward Worland

Dennis C. and Carol A. Wright

Kevin R. ’97 / ’01 and Mara Wright

Thomas A. Sherry L. Wright

Gary J. and Gina Tuemler ’80 Wulfeck*

Richard W. Wurth ’89*

Larry A. ’73 and Nancy G. Wurtz*

Eric M. ’87 and Diane M. Wurzbacher*

Amy K. Wylie

Tom and Dr. Sharon Schroeder ’89 Wynn*

Jason ’03 and Jessica R. ’02 Yaeger

Donna G. Yeager ’84

Keith A. and Phyllis A. Yeager*

Thomas R. ’75 and Deborah Yeager*

Douglas P. ’97 and Laurie J. Young

John J. and Rosemary ’72 Young*

Carol J. Yungbluth ’80*

Dr. Barbara Zahler*

Dr. Steven J. ’77 and Sallie R. Zeil

Charlene Zembrodt ’74*

Eugene F. and Linda Ann ’66 Zgoda*

Ronald L. ’69 and Brenda K. ’06 Ziegler*

Charles John ’11 and Aimee J. ’10 Zimmer*

David B. ’74 and Frances Zimmerman*

James W. Zimmerman ’73

Joseph K. and Joan A. Zukowski


Organization, Foundation and Corporate Giving

A. C. Leasing Company

Bihl Brothers Jewelers

Complete Wireless*

Discount Realty

Electric Inspection

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Green Lantern Café*

Grenelefe Lawn and Landscape, Inc. *

Horan Associates

IBM International Foundation

Jeff Thomas Catering

Johnson & Johnson

KCD, Inc.

Kelly Bros.

Keybank Foundation

Lighthouse Transportation Services LLC

Listerman’s Groundskeeping

Lochhead Laboratories

Macy’s Foundation

Matrix Companies*

The Merck Company Foundation

Nalt, Inc.

The North Side Bank & Trust Company*

Northern Kentucky Education Council

OHX Productions LLC

Owings Cleaning & Construction, Inc.

Parker Concrete

PNC Bank Ohio/Northern Kentucky

Prudential Foundation

Queen City Candy, Inc.

Reality Tuesday Cafe

Rowland Insurance

Spectape Inc.

St. Agnes

Terminal Freight Systems

Thomas Landscaping & Construction, Inc.

Verst Group Logistics

WB Jones Spring Company, Inc.