Endowed Scholarships Make a Difference

Endowed Scholarships Make a Difference

Acting President Kathleen Jagger (center) accepts a check from Alpha Delta Gamma representatives (from left) ADG Alumni Association President Andy Schoettker ’81, Warren Baker ’17, Caleb Finch ’07, Kevin Munyon ’20 (current president Rho chapter at TMU), Dave Macke ’81, and Bob Macke ’71 to increase the endowed amount in the LCPL Adam D. Peak Scholarship fund.

It’s no secret that when making a decision to attend a college or university, one of the main deciding factors for incoming students is the financial aid package presented by the school of interest. The size of this year’s class of Saints is a direct result of the more than $16 million in scholarships and grants awarded annually. Ninety nine percent of traditional, full-time undergraduate students receive institutional scholarships and 100 percent receive some form of financial aid. is only happens because of the generosity of our donors. Thank you! Following is a list of the endowed scholarships that make a difference in the quality and number of students that can attend Thomas More University:

Bishop Richard H. Ackerman Scholarship

Catherine T. Adams Scholarship Fund

Alpha Delta Gamma Scholarship

Charles B. Baron Scholarship

Dr. Charles J. Bensman Endowment Fund

Arthur M. Bettman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Charles B’Hymer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Borland Family Endowment

Harold C. Borne Memorial Scholarship Fund

Raymond J. & Ruth Breiner Memorial Education Grant

Nancy Bruns Scholarship Fund

Sr. Camilla Cahill, C.D.P. Scholarship

Greg Cleves Memorial Scholarship

Joseph F. Connelly Scholarship Fund

Coach Jim and Mary Connor Scholarship Fund

Dr. Sandra Cuni Memorial Scholarship Fund

Barbara Sturm Davis Scholarship

Clemens B. & Cedora Deters Scholarship Fund

David C. Diedrich Endowed Scholarship

Drama Alumni Scholarship Fund

R.C. Durr Scholarship

Ernst & Young Scholarship

Florence Fister Scholarship Fund

Sr. Mary Eleanor Fox, S.N.D. Scholarship Fund

Ambrose and Emma Germann Scholarship Fund

Pat Gieske Nursing Scholarship Fund

Betty Gross Memorial Scholarship Fund

Thomas & Juanita (Ziegler) Hanna Memorial Fund

Msgr. Alford Hanses Scholarship Endowment Fund

Dr. Raymond G. Hebert Scholarship Fund

Edwin B. Heile Family Trust

Fr. Heile Estate Scholarship

Msgr. Hillenmeyer Award Fund – Fort Thomas

Msgr. Hillenmeyer Scholarship – Lexington

Raymond & Marcella Holbrook Scholarship

Home City Ice Scholarship Endowment

Bishop Hughes Scholarship Fund

Dr. Carroll A. and Carol Walsh Jansen Family Endowment

Amber Johnson Endowed Scholarship Fund

Sr. M. Julitta, S.N.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kohrs Endowment Fund

Mitch Kramer Memorial Scholarship Fund

K-Scholarship Fund

Jack LaVelle Scholarship Fund

Karen Lueke-Horrall Scholarship Fund

James D. Lyon Memorial Scholarship Fund

Michigan Fine Arts Grant

Anne Marie Mielech Endowed Scholarship Fund

Ralph E. Mills Endowed Scholarship

Mitchell Family Pre-Law Scholarship

Charles P. Moriarity Memorial Scholarship

Morow Family Scholarship Fund

Msgr. John F. Murphy Award

LCPL Adam D. Peak Scholarship

Krystal L. Pepper Memorial Scholarship Fund

Pflum/Klausmeier/Gehrum Grant

Elmer & Blanche Pieper Scholarship

Providence Hospital Nursing Scholarship

Remke Family Scholarship Fund

George A. Renaker (M.D.) Scholarship Fund

Clarence & Angela Rice Scholarship Fund

Louis & Carol Ruthemeyer Scholarship

William H. & Marcella C. Saelinger Presidential Scholarship

George & Gertrude Scheper; Charles & Loretta Zimmer Scholarship Fund

Schleper Scholarship Fund

Joe and Ginnie Schmidt Scholarship

Msgr. Schuler Memorial Scholarship Endowed Fund

Lena Seiler Scholarship Fund

Seligman Family Scholarship Fund

Robert E. Smith Pre-Med Scholarship

Sommerkamp Family Scholarship Fund

St. Anthony Scholarship – Saint Paul

St. Anthony Scholarship – Saints Peter & Paul

Sr. Margaret Stallmeyer President’s Access Grant

Ann Taylor Endowment

Lisa Taylor Endowed Scholarship Fund

Thomas More Booster Endowed Scholarship Fund

Thomas More College Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marcus W. Thomas Environmental Science Scholarship Fund

Matth. & LaVerne Toebben Scholarship Fund

John & Paulina Tschofen History Scholarship Fund

Utopia Scholarship Fund

Sis VonLehman Scholarship Fund

Wambaugh Family Scholarship Fund

Edward M. Wessendarp Scholarship Fund

Charles L. Wildman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Florence & Laura Wolfzorn Scholarship Fund

Joseph & Kathryn Wolfzorn Scholarship Fund

Women’s Guild of Thomas More College Scholarship Fund

Wong Endowment Fund

Anthony R. Zembrodt Chemistry Scholarship Fund

Wilbert L. & Anna M. Ziegler Scholarship Fund

Isabel Zimmer Memorial Scholarship