Finding Your Spirituality 

Finding Your Spirituality 


There are many ways to explore your spiritual life, as well as growing in faith. Not everyone experiences God in the same way, and some may feel as though they don’t have the time to explore their faith, or to pray, or to look into more than what they already have on their plate. Some people may find that time to sit and pray is very difficult, or that time to look into the truth may be time better suited to studying or working, but in reality, the busier we are, the greater the importance of our spiritual life. 

Squires in prayer
Jeff (center) and fellow squires (from left): Madison Light ’19, Esteban Munguia, Juan Pablo Villagrana Francisco, and Houston Watson.

Not all journeys in faith are intellectual ones, and not all are formal, and not all are made into the essence of how one spends their day, but these are all valid ways to find your spirituality and grow in your relationship with God. Each of our days can be very busy, and trying to set time apart to pray may cause problems, but it might be a nice way to decompress by going and reading a book, or perhaps even the Bible. This might be an intellectual journey for you! But some may really not have the time, and they have a lot of work to do for classes and at home; so devote these times even then to God. Many Saints have said that all things can become prayer, any action whatsoever, can become prayer, so long as it is offered up to God. So do not separate your spiritual and work lives, and use your time to delve deeply into your faith. 

Do not despair in the busy world you live in, as you may always find time to pray, for a while or for a little, for whatever you may need to keep growing. 


Jeff Noe is one of six students/alumni inducted as a Squire to the North Central Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem in September 2023, for more information on this honor, CLICK HERE