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Four Faces Of Conservatism: Possible Directions For The GOP

“Massie doesn’t owe his political heritage to any person on the moderate side, or however you would describe the mainstream Republican Party in this area,” says John T. Spence, a political scientist at Thomas More College in Crestview Hills, Ky. “He just doesn’t.”

All of that is in keeping with the preferences of most people in his district, Spence says.

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Park Sheds Confederate Name, Drawing Ire

John Cimprich, a history professor who published a book on Fort Pillow, said Gen. Forrest’s exact role in the incident is unclear, but black soldiers, many of whom had surrendered, were slaughtered by troops under his command. Mr. Cimprich said Gen. Forrest’s KKK involvement remains “the worst thing on his record.”

“I understand if a local community is not comfortable with a park being named after him,” he said.

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