Why We Give  to TMC

Why We Give to TMC

Clara Ann and Pat Klocke '64

Clara Ann and Pat Klocke ’64

“I had a somewhat different path to Thomas More. After struggling for two and a half years in engineering at Notre Dame, the school decided Notre Dame was not for me. My father (Ed) was on the board of trustees at Thomas More at the time and suggested (?) I apply. This was a time of some soul searching for me, and I realized that Thomas More was my last chance for a college education. The accessibility of my teachers, small class size and help in landing part-time jobs in my field of accounting all contributed to many blessings coming my way over a career in accounting and banking.

The college has developed from the ragtag group of buildings on Twelfth Street in Covington at the time I attended, to the wonderful campus they have today, and I am glad to be able to play a small part in continuing the growth that many have accomplished. I also am proud that two of my grandchildren (Kristin and Ross Klocke) are currently attending Thomas More.” – Clara Ann and Pat Klocke 64