Why I Give - Amity Yeager Kukla '01

Why I Give – Amity Yeager Kukla ’01

amityyeager“I attribute much of my success to the experiences and foundation that I was given at Thomas More College. I began my career as an educator feeling confident, prepared, and excited about my future. As I continued my education and moved into administrative roles, I realized how beneficial the many leadership opportunities that I had during my time at TMC were to my career path. I am very grateful for the education that I was given at Thomas More College and am happy to give back so that others can have those same great opportunities and more. Besides monetary contributions, I have also stayed closely connected to the College through serving on a variety of committees, such as the Young Alumni (I think I’ve “graduated” out of that one!), the Alumni Association Board of Directors, and the Distinguished Alumnae League. I’m proud of the many new initiatives and excited about the future of Thomas More College and its graduates.”

– Amity Yeager Kukla ’01