Faculty Notes Fall 2016

Faculty Notes Fall 2016

facultynotesDr. Dee Allen, assistant professor, education department, presented mathematics formative assessment lesson examples and strategies to educators at the annual Kentucky Center for Mathematics (KCM) Conference in Lexington in March 2015 and again in March 2016. “My ultimate goal is for as many students as possible across the state to benefit from effective teaching strategies and enriching activities. All children need to be actively engaged in their own learning, and their teachers need to be able to continually and easily assess their progress.” Allen added, “This also demonstrates to participants how seriously we in the TMC education department take our mission to prepare teachers and teacher candidates to facilitate learning for ALL students.”

Dr. Florence Dwyer, associate professor, department of Foreign Languages, presented “Le phénomène théâtral en France d’ Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt : Succès éphémère ou véritable renouveau du théâtre français contemporain?” in Spring 2016 at the 44th Annual Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture since 1900.  The presentation focused on the originality of the theatrical work of the well-known French contemporary playwright Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt.

Mr. Dick Hague, writer in residence, English department, won the Nowhere Magazine Spring Travel Writing Contest with his essay “A Day And A Night On The Late Big Bone.” Read the essay by visiting thomasmore.edu/hague.

Rev. Ronald Ketteler, associate professor and chairperson, theology department, was awarded the Scientiam Award for excellence in education at the 2016 Covington Latin School Alumni Banquet held May 5 at the Kohlhepp Family Forum on the Latin School campus.

Travis Nipper, adjunct associate professor, department of business administration, was appointed President-Elect to the Cincinnati chapter of the American Marketing Association. The appointment is a three-year term in which Mr. Nipper will serve as President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President in yearly segments. One of Greater Cincinnati’s largest professional organizations, the local chapter has over 400 members and hosts nearly 100 educational and networking events annually. AMA Cincinnati is part of the larger American Marketing Association, the largest nonprofit organization for marketers, with more than 30,000 professional members and 75 volunteer-driven chapters in North America. Nipper had served as Vice President Marketing Communications for the organization since May 2014.

Dr. Jack Rudnick, Jr., associate professor, department of business administration, represented Thomas More College in the World Health Organization’s recognition of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2016.  Dr. Rudnick provided television interviews on Channels 9 and 19 as well as newspaper articles for Kentucky’s Medical News: The Business of Healthcare, Diocese of Cincinnati’s The Catholic Telegraph, and Diocese of Covington’s The Messenger. He also chaired a session on Issues in Higher Education in April; and presented a peer-reviewed paper at the 18th Annual Society of Business, Industry, and Economics entitled “Leverage the Heterogeneity of Critical Thinking; Create New Classroom Knowledge.”

Carolyn Wagner ’13, adjunct professor, art department, received the top award at the Galway Film Festival in August 2016 for her short film “Something Borrowed,” a documentary about a World War II parachute wedding dress. To view the short video visit https://vimeo.com/171892972