One Saint’s March

My journey as an undergraduate college student is more than halfway complete. As I think about this, the steps I take on the way to my next class feel surreal. Is this the Thomas More College that I chose to attend three years ago? No, this is not the same school that I applied to in 2014, it is better than I ever could have imagined. As a communications/theatre major, I take great pride in my role as a catalyst for change in this place I call home.


Overview of the Thomas More College campus with Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel at the center.

Without losing my train of thought, I greet a student I met in my First Year Seminar class. Every first year student takes a course that is centered in the college’s values, educational ethics, and student management skills. That’s where Glenn and I met during the first day of classes and became friends. We had very different interests but this class was a common ground. He is now on track to graduate with degrees in physics and mathematics. Outside of the classroom, he is highly involved on campus. His first two years were spent on the baseball team as a pitcher. Since then, he has focused on his degrees and actively spreading the Word of God as a Bishop Roger Foys Scholarship recipient. Glenn’s dreams include being a marine engineer; another Saint on his march to change the world for the better.

As I make my way across the skywalk between buildings, the dancing colors on the windows call my attention to the many new activities on campus. I can’t help but stop to look. In the coming weeks, the College will host a book club, an activities’ fair, and a research forum. Students organize the activities, building on teamwork and an appreciation of the world around us. One day, we will be able to say that we have made a difference in the world.

A chuckle escapes me as I remember my application process. The pressure I was under to decide where I fit in was immense. “Come here if you love sports!” “No, we have better sports!” “Don’t forget we have the best programs in the country!” It was exhausting. Touring Thomas More College was so refreshing because of the open environment created by the students and faculty. I was asked what I was interested in, and was given honest feedback. My admissions advisor responded to my questions about the Theatre program with, “Our program is about to see some big changes, we need hard-working students to create a sanctuary for the arts.” It was in that moment that I knew Thomas More was my home. I was welcomed by the Saints’ community with open arms and continue to discover myself through the values the College extends to students.

So many opportunities are available for students at TMC. I currently am an intern with the Public Relations department, which gains me credits towards my major while giving me the experience I need to join the workforce. Already, I have the opportunity to apply the skills I am learning in the classroom in a real-world scenario. TMC is also ranked the #1 school for Return on Investment (ROI) in Kentucky, reinforcing that I made the right decision for my future. When the day comes that I look back on my entire college experience, I know that it will be with fond memories and the knowledge that I am a Saint who has made a difference.