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Japan 2024 – Study Abroad exploration in Asia with students, alumni, and employees

Bruce Rosenthal, Ph.D., dean of the Robert W. Plaster College of Business took 22 students, alumni, faculty, and staff to Japan for 10 days from March 1-11. It was an immersive experience which covered four days in the capital city of Tokyo and six days in Kyoto, which was the capital of Japan for over 1,000 years. Sites that were visited include Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines (Shinto is the native religion of Japan), Zen temples, medieval castles, museums, anime/manga “department stores,” and the tomb of the first shogun who ruled over all Japan. Some participants also made time to visit Tokyo Disneyland and as a group we visited the tallest tower in all Asia, the Tokyo Skytree.

Other experiences included participating in a tea ceremony in a Buddhist temple, and preparing/eating shabu-shabu (a meat dish) and okonomiyaki (Japanese “pancakes”). Some also visited the hard Rock Café, Tokyo. It was a wonderful and exciting experience for all involved and served as a wonderful bonding experience for current students and alumni, who enjoyed sharing experiences and viewpoints.

Quotes from participants:

“From ancient traditions to modern fast pace life TMU’s 2024 Japan study aboard had it!”

“The 2024 Japan trip is easily one the most memorable trips we have had the opportunity to experience.  Thanks again to Dr. Rosenthal and Thomas More University!” 

“Being able to mix with current students and recent alumni was very enjoyable.” 

“It was a wonderful opportunity to expose students, faculty, and alumni to the culture of Japan.” 

Plans for a similar trip to Japan during Spring Break 2026 is in the works; start thinking about registering! Contact Rosenthal for details at

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