FOCUS ON ART: Jennifer (Bucalo) Baldwin '76

FOCUS ON ART: Jennifer (Bucalo) Baldwin ’76

BA in Art and Secondary Education

What was your major and graduation year?
Visual Art (not exactly sure if they called it visual or fine), but I did not get an art education degree, I took the requisite education courses so I could be certified.  I graduated in 1976.
Jennifer on location at Dixie Heights High School where she has taught since 2008.

Jennifer on location at Dixie Heights High School where she has taught since 2008.

What drew you to Thomas More College?

Actually back in the day, my parents insisted I go to a college that was ‘safe’.  My choices were TMC in Kentucky, or Mount St Joseph or Edgecliff College in Ohio. I chose TMC because it was co-ed.  I also knew a few people who recommended TMC and it really was a great experience.  I lucked out!!
What was your favorite thing about TMC?
The faculty – hands down.  Trust me, there are so many great memories of TMC…fellow students, activities, peaceful setting, religious community…the faculty were genuine, good and compelling influences in my life.  My life-long mentor, Bernie Schmidt (art faculty) just recently passed away.  He was a good friend…we lived close and we had breakfast just the week before he passed.  I reflect on many of my interactions with the faculty to this day.
What is your current job and how long have you been doing it?

I teach art at Dixie Heights High School and have been there since 2008. Recently I turned over my affiliation with the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards to the Art Academy of Cincinnati (after 22 years), but am helping this year with the transition. I am also transitioning out of Art Machine, Inc., after 14 years as Executive Director.

What do you like most about what you do?

I love transforming young artists, being able to really see what is in front of them and utilize skills they may not dreamed they could have, or conceptualize a new way to use materials that breaks the rules of realism, but maintains the rules of art and design…..something silly, something abstract, something soulful , something compelling.