BIO PACE roundtable discussions are a high impact practice connecting students to alumni in scientific fields.

BIO PACE returns in 2024

Submitted by David Klenk, graduate assistant communications

The Department of Biological Sciences at Thomas More University hosted the second annual BIO PACE Roundtable Event on March 21, 2024. This event was a huge success fostering connections and mentorship opportunities between students and alumni in the biological sciences field. Five decades of biology alumni were present to share their experiences and insights with more than 30 current students.

Participating alumni are active in a variety of careers including physicians, physician assistants, marine biologists, medical laboratory scientists, environmental educators, ecologists, and food microbiologists. Through strategic roundtable sessions and networking, students gained valuable insights into their intended career paths so that all students were able to meet at least one-third of the alumni attending. Thank you to the following alumni for networking with the next generation of natural and health sciences leaders: Amy (Stultz) Nutter ’11, Spencer Becknell ’21, Sarah (Mersch) Fye ’13, Melissa Morgan ’84, Nick Callahan ’19, Savannah Geiger ’18, Sarah Schuler ’19, David Otte ’10, Erin Rowekamp ’15, Andrew Seiler ’20, Patrick Carroll ’92, Sarah (Drew) Griffith ’00, Ann (Menke) Gunkel ’84, Christopher Hackett, PA-C ’03, Joe Stenger, PA-C ’02, Joy (Stephens) Suwinski, DPT ’98, Jenna Cayze ’23, Joel Daley, DO ’13, Ellen (Kirst) Kunkel ’17, James Schack, MD ’12, Vickie Chan, MD ’99, Dillon Powell  ’20, Jenni Crowley-Albu, PhD ’03, and Suzanne Kress, MD ’02.

The response from biology alumni was so strong, that a second event is scheduled in September, giving students and alumni alike the opportunity to connect and grow with one another. If you are interested in participating, please contact professor Shannon Galbraith-Kent, Ph.D.