New Academic Offering at TMC - Ethical Leadership Studies (ELS)

New Academic Offering at TMC – Ethical Leadership Studies (ELS)

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Dr. John Wolper

Dr. John Wolper gives us the 411

Why was it important for TMc to add this major? 

Adding a major in Ethical Leadership Studies is a natural fit for Thomas More College. Our patron, Saint Thomas More, was a leader who was willing to give his life for what he believed was right. This major will teach students to make informed, ethical decisions as they progress academically and professionally.

Briefly explain the major

The ELS major has a foundation rooted in leadership and ethics courses. Supported by accounting and business classes, this major prepares students for leadership positions in any organization in which they may work. Also, the major has four concentration options in areas that are desirable to employers: Meeting and Event Planning, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Lodging and Revenue Management, and Ethics. Students can also choose a self-directed concentration.

How is this major relevant in today’s job market? 

Every organization needs employees who can make informed, ethical decisions. Students who major in Ethical Leadership Studies will learn a variety of leadership styles and determine which style is most appropriate for each situation they encounter. Also, the concentration areas provide them with specific skills in key areas of the local employment market.

When students ask you about the major, what is the most important thing you tell them?

This major can be applied to any career. Every organization needs ethical leaders. The major also has the unique ability to allow students to focus on a specific area through the concentrations. Early involvement in their academic career through practicums and internships will engage students and allow them to bridge what is learned in the classroom with employment expectations.

What is unique and special about this program?

The program focuses on leadership, yet allows students to develop a concentration in an area that can translate to immediate employment upon graduation. Students will also be required to utilize practicums to augment experiential learning that will help them focus on a specific career pathway.

What else should readers know?

TMC’s program is unique. It is a multi-disciplinary approach to leadership. Combined with our outstanding liberal arts core, graduates of the ELS program will be ready to lead on day one. All ELS program majors will be required to do an internship with an organization commensurate with their areas of study and supervised by faculty and key staff personnel.

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