New Academic Offering at TMC - Management Information Systems (MIS)

New Academic Offering at TMC – Management Information Systems (MIS)


Dr. Yousif Mustafa

Dr. Yousif Mustafa gives us the 411

Why was it important for TMC to add this major?

The MIS program is a manifestation of the College’s ability to excel and innovate. Offering what other schools in the area offer is not the best way for TMC to excel. We strive to give our students the opportunity to major in areas that are in high demand, like MIS. TMC created a unique MIS program that separates us from the crowd.

Briefly explain the major

MIS is a power house marriage between management and technology. Students in the MIS program will be able to master technology such as programming, database, and web programming side-by-side with management science skills such as computer simulation, data mining, and business intelligence, in order to solve business problems.

How is this major relevant in today’s job market? 

Let me give three real-life examples: 1) Let’s say Walmart wants to build a distribution center in northern Kentucky. Business Simulation, part of the MIS program, is the tool that projects if this is a good or bad idea. We can predict the behavior of any system, whether it is building a distribution center or investing in a hospital. 2) Big data; Facebook produces 30 billion pieces of content varying from news, stories, blogs, photos, and videos every month. This data needs to be structured, organized, and presented to upper management using Business Intelligence to create new business opportunities. Big data, data mining, and data warehousing are just some of the many concepts that are the backbone of the MIS program. 3) Project Management; Anderson Economic Group* of Chicago, Ill., reports there will be a need, on average, for 1.5 million project manager positions to be filled per year through 2025. Project Management is another component of the MIS program. The skills and knowledge TMC students learn will be applicable to every business of any size.

When students ask you about the major, what is the most important thing you tell them?

In order for TMC students to keep up and be successful in today’s workforce, they must be equipped with the latest tools and knowledge that we have packaged into the MIS program.

What is unique and special about this program?

There are only a handful of MIS undergraduate programs offered in this region. No other program has packaged so many powerful and essential courses into a single program.

What else should readers know?

As a combination of management and technology, MIS brings the best of both worlds together so our graduates will be equipped with the knowledge needed to succeed in a wide variety of jobs. Here at Thomas More College, we help cultivate students’ skills so they can become the innovators, leaders, problem solvers, and project managers that the world needs. Simply put: MIS is the now and the future.

For more information about the MIS program, click here.

*Documented on Villanova University website