Thomas More College Board of Trustees

Chancellor – The Most Reverend Roger J. Foys, D.D.

Chairperson – Ms. Melissa A. Lueke

Past-Chair – Mr. John F. Hodge III

Mr. David A. Armstrong, J.D.

Mr. Jerome R. Bahlmann ’63

Ms. Mary H. Brown

Dr. Kathy L. Dye

Dr. Maria C. Garriga

Ms. Sarah T. Giolando 

Mr. Dale Henson 

Dr. Daniel J. Hiltz ’71

Mr. Thomas G. Hoffman

Mr. Gary E. Holland ’93

Mr. Paul J. Kleier ’16

Mr. Jeffrey C. Mando ’80

Dr. Judith A. Marlowe ’69

Mr. Brent J. Messmer ’94

Ms. D. Lynn Meyers ’77

Mr. Marc J. Neltner ’85

Sr. Mary Ethel Parrott, SND ’69

Mr. Thomas J. Stiens ’65

Mr. Gregory T. Stofko ’94 

Dr. Jeanne-Marie Tapke ’91

Mr. George J. Thelen ’58

Mr. Christopher J. Wilson ’88

Ms. Marna M. Zalla 

Dr. Anthony R. Zembrodt ’65

Mr. Wilbert L. Ziegler ’53


Senior Officers

Mr. David A. Armstrong, J.D.


Dr. Kathleen S. Jagger

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mr. Jeffrey Briggs

Vice President for Finance and Operations, CFO

Dr. Christopher Powers

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management



Editor: Marita Salkowski

Designer: Judy Crist

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