Why We Give - Ken Shields & Marie (Brue) Shields ’65

Why We Give – Ken Shields & Marie (Brue) Shields ’65

Ken Shields & Marie (Brue) Shields ’65.

Ken Shields & Marie (Brue) Shields ’65.

“Our reasons for giving to Thomas More College revolve around our links to its past, its present and near-present, as well as its future.

“Regarding the past, we have the education and positive experiences of many close family members and dear friends for which we are grateful and hold dear to our hearts with cherished memories.  Sisters, brothers, our son, and many other close relatives and friends have gone before us and with us as a testimony to the importance of Thomas More College in their lives, and of course, in or own.

“Gazing at the present as well as the near-present, our up-close-and-personal snapshots of the college and all it represents and aspires to be have been fortified and witnessed through committee memberships and Board of Trustee participation on our parts.  Seeing things from this closer vantage point validates the need for giving on the part of all alumnae and friends of the college.

“In terms of the future, we fully realize the need for funding and the integral part it plays in the viability of the college in years to come. 

“Past, present, and future – it’s a combination of these three that summarize our reasons for giving to Thomas More College.

-  Ken Shields & Marie (Brue) Shields ’65


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