Space for Listening to God

When we pray, how often do we say: “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening”? More often, I think, we (mean): “Listen, Lord, for your servant is speaking!”

– Robert Wicks

olcupsmEvery part of our life has something to offer us for our growth because God is there in the midst of it. When I give myself to attentiveness and deep listening, I find that I discover God everywhere. When I listen, I begin to “hear” (perceive) deeper connections, in nature, in music, in the people I meet, in what I read and touch and taste, and in the insights and emotions that arise within me.

Try the following to hone your deep listening skills:

Breath prayer:

Breathing in: I listen…

Breathing out: … You are here



Hold a cup in your open hands.

Notice how the cup sits there quietly.

Picture yourself in the Divine One’s hands.

Go to the stillness deep within yourself.

Allow yourself to be attentive.

Just “be” with God.


From Joyce Rupp, The Cup of Our Life


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